What I Wish I Knew Before Dying My Hair Pink

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hey everyone! Today I'm talking about one of my all time favorite things - hair dye! But first, let me say I'm not a hair stylist. I love changing my hair color and have worked my way through most of the rainbow, but I'm not a pro, so if you're not sure, please consult a professional. For those who are more into DIY, and can handle some bleach, read on!

Pink hair of all shades has become increasingly trendy, conveniently at a time where I started a job with a really relaxed dress code. To begin my pink hair journey, I went with neon pink. Neon was very forgiving while I transitioned from red to pink and all was well, until it faded a bit and I decided I liked the lighter color. Long story short, with the assistance of my best friend, we bleached my roots as usual and when we dyed over them with the lighter shade of pink, it turned out looking orange-y. Not the look I was going for!

I scoured the internet trying to figure out what went wrong with no luck. Finally, I was in my local Sally's Beauty Supply having a crisis because I had a work function that week and could NOT have orange roots and asked one of their color experts. Here's what I learned: even if you're using a purple shampoo to remove brassy tones, it only removes yellows, not oranges. Think about the color wheel:

color wheel

Purple is across from yellow, so purple shampoo negates yellow tones only. In order to get rid of the orange I needed something blue, and this is where I learned about toner. Toner mixes with developer like normal hair dye, and in my case was used after bleaching and washing my hair to take the last of the brassy tones out. I learned quickly you need to watch it really carefully (and also learned the hard way it can also leave your hair looking a little purple if you leave it on too long- the purple washes out quickly though) Check often to see how it's processing! On my freshly bleached hair 10 minutes was about the maximum so I had to apply it fast, but everyone is different. 

Let me tell you, once I realized my hair looked truly blonde after toning, the sigh of relief  that came out of me was parallel to none! There are a few things to keep in mind. I used the Wella Color Charm brand toner from Sally's Beauty supply (here's a link to check it out!) and I used the lightest ash blonde shade to tone the orange out of my hair. Different toners are designed for different effects, so if you're not sure what one to go with, drop in and ask one of the staff in Sally's for a recommendation. 

One of the other challenges of pink (and any fantasy colored hair) is the fade out. Fellow mermaid haired ladies know the struggles of cold showers and large quantities of dry shampoo (this one is my favorite though - it's saved the day on many occasions and doesn't leave weird white residue like some other dry shampoos do) and if you're DIY-ing your hair, you also know the struggle of semi- and demi- permanent colors. I was really really excited to see that Clairol released a line of permanent fantasy colors and I've been using them on my hair for a while - while I do see some fade out after washing it 5+ times, it's not like the semi- or demi- permanent colors that would be gone after the first wash!

The biggest game changer that I've found for mermaid hair is oVertone. The ladies behind the company created vegan, cruelty free color conditioners used to prevent fade. They have daily and weekly conditioners in every color of the rainbow and it smells minty and fresh and NO MORE COLD SHOWERS! Sorry, I got a little carried away there. I LOVE hot showers. Like scald your skin off, bright red when you step out, steamy, wonderful showers. Washing my hair in cold water was a new form of torture...until oVertone. (p.s. this is not an affiliate link, I just love them that much) They do sample sizes so you can test out the color which I think is awesome, and they have a color help desk that you can email pics of your color over to if you need a little assistance picking a shade. 

pink hair

Wrapping it up with a pic of my fabulous unicorn pink hair! Leave a comment telling me what your best tip is for fantasy hair, or better yet, leave a pic of your hair!

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