6 Can't Miss Tips for Surviving Moving Day

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Whether you're moving across the city or across the country, on your own, or with your family, moving is one of the most stressful events to tackle. But these 6 tips will ensure that your move goes smoothly!

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Start Packing and Purging Early

Hubs and I were in the same home for just over 2 years together before moving to our new place, and the entire time I was packing I couldn't stop marveling how much stuff we accumulated! The best thing to do is start with rooms you don't always use (like a guest bedroom or any storage areas.) Start sorting through your things and packing up what you know you're not going to use again before the move. Anything you know you're not going to keep can be sorted into 2 piles: donate and throw away. 

Keep working your way through the house as you get closer to moving day, and make sure you check closets and drawers to make sure nothing is left behind as you complete each room!

My most recent move took the movers 3.5 hours. This included the half hour drive to the new house, loading, unloading, and assembly/placement of my bigger pieces of furniture (bed frames, kitchen table and the sectional couch) and one of the movers told me the reason they were able to get done so quickly was because I was 100% ready to go and they didn't have to pack anything for me. So in addition to keeping my stress level low, starting early and being prepared also saved us a couple hundred dollars (which I can totally put in my decorating budget now, right?)

Label Boxes Clearly 

Let me just say that labeling a box "miscellaneous crap" is a terrible idea. Why? Because 2 weeks later you'll be staring down the last box labelled "miscellaneous crap" wondering if you even need to open it at this point because you couldn't justify giving it a proper label. (I may or may not be staring at one currently) Anyways, I digress. I've seen really cool ideas on Pinterest for using different colored dots on your boxes to correspond with your rooms, or colored tape to seal them but to be honest, I'm not going out and buying a bunch of colored tape for moving (again, decorating budget...I can spend that money on more important things) and those dots are tiny! I also sincerely doubt movers are going to remember that the pink dot is kitchen, and the blue dot is living room. So here's what you do: get a couple big sharpies (because I guarantee you will lose them all at some point, it's worth it to get extras) and label the tops and the sides of your boxes with what room they belong in. This way your movers can see where it needs to go and you're not stuck trying to remember what color dot/tape belongs to the master bedroom. Then, label the box with what's in it. In detail! If you're using big plastic totes to pack things in, it's also helpful to write down what's in it on a sheet of paper and tape it to the lid! This way, when it's 11 pm and you've been unpacking all day and you really want to open that beer or bottle of wine, you know where the opener is.

miscellaneous crap label

Invest in Good Tape 

Once upon a time I bought cheap tape. This tape stuck to itself and the dispenser more than anything else and sealing boxes because a new hell when I was already stressed out trying be ready to move...anyways. Buy decent tape and you'll be fine, but if you're really feeling crazy, a tape gun is worth it's weight in gold on moving day (and if you move frequently like I have, it will come through time and time again)

Put Empty Luggage to Work

Turns out we have a collection of mismatched suitcases of all sizes, but those suitcases come in handy for moving! Use them to hold clothes, or miscellaneous things that maybe don't have a home or fit in any of your boxes. Plus by packing things up in suitcases you save yourself a few bucks on buying more boxes. It's a win-win in my book!

The only downside is that you can't really label a suitcase, so don't pack anything in them that you don't need to find right away! I used mine for pillows and extra bedding. 

Notify the Post Office of Your New Address

And do it early! I lucked out and had 2 weeks over overlap between getting keys to the new house and turning it keys for the old one to the landlord, but do your address change as soon as possible! I did mine about a week before I moved and the Post Office started forwarding my mail pretty quickly, even before my scheduled move date, but I was also able to grab the last couple pieces of mail that ended up at the old address before turning in keys. Also, find out if you need new keys to your mailbox! The previous occupants didn't turn in mail keys, and the wait time for my local post office to re-key the box for me was 7-10 days (but no charge, which was awesome!) Make sure you bring your ID and a copy of your lease if you're a renter and need new keys. And don't forget to check out the coupons they send with your welcome packet! There's usually some good ones in there (hello, decorating budget!)

Use Your Car to Your Advantage

Pack up the things you'll need immediately in your car. Things like bedding and pillows, toothbrush and toothpaste, a change of clothes, and pet food/treats, kennels and toys can get tossed in the car the day of your move to make sure you have access to them as soon as you arrive at your new place. Even if you're shipping your car, throwing extra bedding and pillows, or basic kitchenware in the trunk can save the day when you arrive (trust me, my family has done it. The frying pan in the trunk saved the day when we were hungry!)

Bonus Tip!

Keep an eye on your pets! Moving is stressful for pets as well as humans and if your furbaby is a runner, it may be best to keep him or her kenneled until the movers are done and you know all the escape routes are closed off. Be sure to keep treats and their favorite toys close by to help them adjust to their new home!

What's your moving day life saver? Tell me in the comments! You can also click the link in the sidebar to visit us on Instagram and see what we're doing with the new house!

P.S. Are your sinks white and need a good pre- move out scrubbing? Check out my post here on how to get those clean!

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