DIY Hummingbird Food

I am so excited you guys! I realized recently that I have a little hummingbird who's been visiting the plants in my back yard! Today I'm sharing my super easy recipe for hummingbird nectar and the adorable feeder I found on Amazon!

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Here's a quick shot of the little guy who's been hanging out in my backyard:

hummingbird on a branch

He's come up to check me out a couple times, and hovered within a foot or two of my face. Pretty cool!

One of the things that was important to me was find a glass feeder for my little hummingbird visitor. I don't like plastic, I don't think it ever truly comes clean and I was concerned that because I live in Vegas (where it feels like you're walking on the sun) chemicals from the plastic might get into the food just because it's so darn hot outside and the plastic might get melty. I'm probably paranoid, but anyway, a glass bottle was the only way I was going to go. I got this one, and I also saw that there's an option for a red one, which is really pretty!

Next up was making my hummingbird nectar! I got on Pinterest and easily found some recipes. 

hummingbird nectar ingredients

Here's what I did: 
1 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
Stir the sugar into the water until it's completely dissolved, then boil for 5 minutes

Easy! Once it cooled off I poured it into the bottle and put the bottom on. I had to get creative for hanging it but hubs suggested a wire hanger in one of our trees until I can find a prettier solution for it. It works!

I hung it close (but not too close) to my chairs so that hopefully I'll be able to see the hummingbird while I'm out enjoying my coffee

hummingbird feeder all hung up

hummingbird feeder all hung up close up

You can click here to see how I refreshed my backyard for just $150!

Tell me in the comments, do you have hummingbirds in your yard? Thanks so much for visiting!

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