Essential Oil Loofah Soaps

Hey everyone! So lately I've been on a clean living adventure. I've started paying a lot more attention to the foods that I eat and the products I use in my home, and as I dive more and more into the products that I'm using for my skin I'm learning that most of them have some seriously questionable ingredients in them!

I saw a blog post online about DIY loofah soaps, and decided to give it a try! Loofahs are great for exfoliating, and many people don't realize they're actually from a plant!

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Here's what you'll need to make the soaps:
- loofah (I got mine here)
- essential oil(s) of your choice (I used this and this)
- string
- microwave safe dish

I bought both loofah slices and a whole loofah. Some of the slices were too big for the mold, so I ended up slicing the big one myself. Beware, they're a little hard to cut! 

Next, I tied string through my loofahs so they can be hung in the shower, then put them into the soap mold. A little trick I learned is that loofahs float once the soap base is poured in, so try to pick loofah slices that fit flush against the outsides of your mold

Next, I cut my soap base into cubes and heated it in a microwave safe dish at 30 second intervals. Once it's completely melted, add in your drops of essential oil and stir. I chose lavender and citrus for mine.

One pound of soap base made 5 loofahs for me, and I used 10-12 drops of oil in each batch. For the lavender that was a good amount to get a strong scent, but I'll probably add more citrus next time, those don't have a super strong scent to them.

Last, put them somewhere out of the way to cool and set 

Mine were solidified and ready to come out of the molds after 3 hours, and smelled great the next day once they were cooled off completely!

Interested in grabbing some essential oils of your own? Head here!

I'll definitely be trying this again with other essential oil combinations! What combination would you make them with?

Thanks so much for visiting!

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