Sweet Moda Blog Project - Meet the Bloggers!

Hey everyone! I'm super excited, I've linked up with a couple really awesome bloggers for a new project! Today we're introducing ourselves and each other, so if you're new here, welcome!

My name is Liz and I'm a Nevada girl recently re-located to the east coast. Hubs and I are puppy parents to 2 awesome rescues named Chloe and Roxy. They are loving their first experience with snow! My day job is in retirement planning, and home decor and DIYs are my way to use the creative side of my brain. I don't own my home so I stick with projects that are quick, easy and don't involve permanent changes.

dogs in the snow

Now I'd like to introduce you to the other fab ladies in the group!

First is Ashlee at Sweet Southern Oaks. She has the best farmhouse style and shares lots of cool DIYs, but my personal favorite post of hers is a recent one about her rescue dog! Rescues are close to my heart too and her dog Lila Blue is just the cutest. Check out Miss Lila Blue out here, and you can visit her on Instagram here! Her Instagram is filled with super pretty vignettes and adorable pictures of her fur babies, definitely take a minute to scroll!

Ashlee from Sweet Southern Oaks

Next, meet Jackie at Jackie Can't Blog. Jackie is one of the first accounts I followed and people I connected with on Instagram when I first started my own account and I'm so glad we met! I love her bright, colorful pictures! You can visit Jackie on Instagram here

Plus I'll let you in a little secret - despite her blog name, Jackie can totally blog! Not only that, she recently completed the $100 room challenge and the results are awesome! Check that post out here.

Jackie from Jackie Can't Blog

Last but certainly not least is Steffi from Moda Misfit. Steffi is a new blogger friend, but I'm totally obsessed! Her rustic style is total goals, and her blog post about how to accomplish it is great! I'm definitely going to be implementing some of those tips. You can check out that post here

We're also both living the rental home life and it's so cool to connect with other decor people who get the rental struggle! If you have a chance, check her out on Instagram here and enjoy her beautifully styled squares!

Steffi from Moda Misfit

I love how the home decor community brings people together, these are women from across the country that I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise, but I'm so glad we have. Check back soon for our first project!

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  1. Liz- I am super excited that you agreed to go on this journey with me and Ashlee and Steffi! I hope that this is the creative outlet that we all need and enjoy! Can't wait for the next project now that we finally started!



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