Coffee Filter Flowers

Hey guys! I'm coming at ya from the land of cold, rain and definitely not feeling like spring, so I really hope it's feeling like May in your neck of the woods!

This week the Sweet Moda Blog Project is working with coffee filters! They're super inexpensive, and there's like a zillion things you can do with them. I went with making coffee filter flowers!

The first thing to do is dye them. There's lots of ways to do it, whether it's food coloring, natural colorants, or in my case, stamp pad re-inkers! My mom has a ton of them lying around (and this way I didn't have to buy food coloring that was gonna sit in the pantry never used)

I put water in a bowl and from there it was trial and error to get the color I wanted

I dipped them from different angles to get some variation

And then peeled them apart to dry! I also blotted extra water off with paper towels in hopes they'd dry a little faster

But I ended up using a blow dryer. This worked because I wasn't using a ton of coffee filters (I've seen some tutorials using upwards of 300! Definitely not blow drying all those!)

The next step is to create your flowers! This is pretty easy. Stack your filters (I varied between 3-5 per flower, the more the fluffier!) then fold them like a taco (mmm tacos), and again to quarters. Then cut your flower shape!

To make them look a little more realistic I used some $0.99 greenery that I picked up from Walmart last month and cut it down so each flower had it's own stem. Poke the tip through your coffee filters, then hot glue them in place

And here's the final product! 

You can head here to see how I spray painted the ombre jar!

And don't forget to check out the awesome inspiration from Ashley @ Sweet Southern Oaks and Jackie @ Jackie Can't Blog!


Thanks so much for visiting! Drop me a comment and let me know what you'd do with coffee filters!


  1. These look so great Liz! I love that you used faux greenery to complete your flowers. And such a good idea using the ink you already had- as I now have half bottles of food coloring ;)

  2. I love how these turned out Liz! Who knew coffee filters could make such pretty flowers! And now I want tacos! ;)



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