Patriotic Hoop Wreath

Guys we are coming up on July fast! Can you believe it? In the spirit of 4th of July, Ashlee, Jackie and I decided for this week's Sweet Moda Blog Project post we would share something patriotic, so today I'm sharing how I made this super easy DIY hoop wreath!

I have a confession to make: I'm obsessed with hoop wreaths. Like, if you head to my Pinterest, there's an entire sub-board in my DIY board dedicated to wreaths and many of them are hoop wreaths!

I have a second confession to make: I don't really go all out decorating for the 4th of July, so I wanted to create something simple, but still patriotic

Here's what you'll need:

- embroidery hoop (I used a wooden one but I've also seen really pretty gold ones online...maybe I'll try that next!)
- faux florals and greens (I got mine from Walmart and the dollar store! Super inexpensive and I have lots left over)
- floral tape (also found in the dollar store)
- hot glue (optional)

The first step is to separate your hoop (yay! now I can make another one later!) and snip the stems of your florals so you have individual stems to work with

Then, lay down your hoop and play with how you want them arranged! I won't lie, I completely forgot to take pictures as I was arranging this

Once you've got the flowers and greens about where you want them, start attaching them. I started with the flowers and used the wired stems to anchor them to the hoop. I added in the long greens that you see furthest out to the right and left and anchored those with floral tape. The final green leaves are actually pulled off a dollar store garland and tucked in around the flowers. You could definitely hot glue these in place but I found that they were pretty secure as is, and this will be indoors so I'm not too worried about them moving

And ta-da! Here's the final product! By far one of the easiest projects I've done, and now I can't wait to make more of these! Now I just need a use for all of the extra red, white and blue flowers I've got. Let me know in the comments if you've got ideas, or if you've made a hoop wreath before?

Don't forget to head over to Jackie @ Jackie Can't Blog, and Ashlee @ Sweet Southern Oaks to see their twist on patriotic d├ęcor!


  1. I love your patriotic hoop wreath! They are so fun to create!

  2. I also am a little obsessed with hoop wreaths! Yours is so cute Liz- an easy project for all of us to try.



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