Summer Wine Smoothies

Hey guys, happy Friday! I'm super excited to be back again with Jackie and Ashlee from the Sweet Moda Blog Project, and this time we've got summer on the brain! I'm sharing one of my favorite, most refreshing summer recipes (though disclaimer, I'm not a food blogger so bear with me!) Smoothies are one of my favorite drinks ever, I drink them year round but they're the best in the summertime! 

I mixed these up at my mom's house while we were in the middle of a heat wave, they're a great way to cool off, and a way to use up a bottle of wine that maybe you didn't love (though..I've never met a bottle of wine I didn't like. But just a suggestion!) They're super refreshing too! These are beyond easy to make and customizable, you just need your choice of frozen fruit, wine, and a blender! For mine, I had mangoes on hand and I ended up throwing a couple strawberries in for color

I don't use true measurements here, I just eyeball it to make sure that the wine covers the frozen fruit and blend. If it looks too liquid-y, drop in a couple more pieces of frozen fruit until you get the consistency you want, and if it's not blending, add more wine

Other combinations that I've found really delicious are white wine/frozen peaches and if you've got some red wine on hand, I highly recommend trying it with frozen raspberries and blackberries!

Last step: take it outside and enjoy!

Have you made wine smoothies before? Drop me a comment and let me know your favorite combinations! And don't forget to head an over to Ashlee at Sweet Southern Oaks and Jackie at Jackie Can't Blog and check out their summer posts!


  1. I just love a recipe that's not a recipe! Even I can make this! Please tell your Mom for me how much I love that tile in the kitchen- just my colors and style. Thanks so much for being apart of this project Liz- you're the best!

    1. Sorry for the delayed response, but thank you! And you'll never believe it, but her tiles are actually stenciled on the wall. She should be putting up a blog post about it soon!

  2. This looks so refreshing for a hot summer day! I love the container you styled it in!



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