Valentine's Day Styled Bar Cart

Hi peeps! It's been a hot minute since I've been on here...and Instagram...oops. Life happens sometimes and we've been busy with family, school (husband) and work (me) so we haven't done much work on the house and I haven't had a whole bunch to share

But today (cue slim shady) guess who's back...back again...Sweet Moda's back...tell a friend

(please tell me you sang that in your head too)


The fabulous ladies of the Sweet Moda blog group are back just in time for Valentine's Day and I'm sharing the quick and easy way I gave my bar cart a little Valentine's day makeover

I don't go all out for Valentine's day, partially because Cody will roll his eyes at me for breaking out all the decor before we finish the floors in the property but also because I've never really decorated for it before and don't have much to decorate with. This little set up would be perfect for a date night in with your man or even time with your girls! (Add or subtract wine glasses as needed)

My bar cart is still a work in progress, I picked it up from a yard sale as a steal (eventually I'll get around to posting the full story here, as well as the process of fixing it up) and while it's not completely restored, it's functional and I love having it!

Decorating for this was mostly done by shopping my house and just a couple new things I found at my local Walmart. I'm a huge fan of shopping my house first - think outside the box with the decor that you already have and see how it can fit your needs! In this case, the top of my bar cart needs repair still, so a cute tray hides it until I can get that done. I also already had the sign in my with my other home decor (I think it was a Target dollar spot find from last year?) It's not pink or red, but the sentiment is perfect for Valentine's Day. My gold wine glasses are straight out of the kitchen cabinet, and I snagged a bottle of rosé from my pantry. You can read my DIY for the mason jar vase holding the flowers here, and the flowers are ones my husband brought me the other day (isn't he the best?)

The only new things that I bought were cookies (because c'mon, how cute are those?) and the garland, which was only a few dollars from my local Walmart!

All in all, I'm very happy with how this came out. It's quick, easy and very cute!

Let's check out what Jackie and Ashlee are up to!

You can find Jackie right here, and she's showing us these adorable Valentine's snow globes:

You can find Ashlee right here, and she made a yarn wrapped heart garland!

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? Drop me a comment and let me know!


  1. Such a cute little spot. I love the bar cart styled very subtly for Valentines's Day. The heart garland is so super cute! Thanks so much for being on this journey with me.

  2. I love the bar cart and those gold wine glasses! Shopping around my house to decorate something new is my favorite thing to do!



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