Spring Bedroom Refresh

Well hello there! I accidentally on purpose took another month long break from my blog and Instagram, but I swear I have a reason this time! I spent 3/4 weeks in February in Vegas for a work trip and it was super busy! Plus being away from home means I wasn't working on any projects. I'm so happy to be home again with my husband and our pups!

The Sweet Moda ladies and I are back to kick of March with our bedrooms!

This was the current state of my guest bedroom, and it's not cute:

As some of you guys know, we purchased our first house this fall and are doing a live in renovation with the end goal of turning it into a rental property when we're done. It's been quite the adventure! (Posts about the house are all tagged with "rental ranch", click on the sidebar to read more about our house adventures!)

 The bedrooms were the first thing that we finished, giving them fresh paint, new padding and carpet, and cleaning/replacing the light fixtures and blinds as needed. It was labor intensive but you all know that some paint can work wonders! My in laws live a few hours away and visit frequently so this bedroom got put together quickly and with what I could find easily in boxes so that they had a place to sleep when they visit. No fuss, just a basic bedroom, but this blog hop was the perfect opportunity to go digging in my boxes and find my cute bedroom decor!

Did you know that pineapples are a symbol of hospitality? That's one of the reasons I picked pineapples for my theme for the guest bedroom. Plus I found this adorable bedding on a major sale from Amazon a couple years ago (like under $40 for the duvet and pillow shams. Can't beat that!) 

I'm all about shopping my house to decorate over buying something new. Everything here I already had packed away from our house in Vegas. The pictures are from the At Home store, and the pineapple in the middle of the wall was made for me by my mom! You can check out her DIY on it right here

I'm still working on my tray styling skills but to finish this off I grabbed a couple of my favorite coffee table books, a pineapple lantern I had stashed away (also a part of the previous decor for this room) and one of my string of pearls plants and put them on my favorite basket tray.

If I'm being totally honest, I'm struggling with the pink/gold decor with the grey walls, they feel too cool toned for the warmth of the decor colors so don't be surprised if you see another refresh of this room in the next few months!

But for now, here's the before and after:

Now let's check out what Jackie and Ashlee are up to! 

You can visit Jackie right here. She's got the coolest eclectic style in her home (like if you're not following her on Instagram, you need to be) and her bedroom is the cutest! I'm loving all the textures she has going on

You can visit Ashlee right here. Her Instagram is what farmhouse dreams are made of, and her pup miss Lila Blue is adorable! She gave her bedroom a spring refresh too and I'm also obsessed with all the texture she brings in with all those pillows (I'm sensing a trend here...I think I need more texture in my life)

I hope you found some inspiration to give your own bedroom an update! Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

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  1. Liz, your guest bedroom refresh is so cute! i love the pineapple and flamingo bedding. Those tropical colors are such a fun way to give your bedroom a pop of color. And they were on sale? Even better!!!

    PS I hope you were able to have a little fun while back in Vegas. All work and no play...



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