The Deck Debacle

In full disclosure, this was not the deck post I thought I was going to write this week. Jackie, Ashlee and I decided since springtime is coming, the Sweet Friends blog project would share our outdoor spaces! (Missouri might have missed the memo about spring, it's dropping to 32 degrees tonight, but I digress)

Anyway, then this happened:


Clearly we had bigger fish to fry than just making the deck cute for spring! Hubs happened to step on just the right spot on the deck and nearly went through it (then pulled the wood up and make the hole bigger.) We knew the boards on the deck weren't in great shape, but we definitely weren't expecting this. After looking over the damage on the deck and what kind of shape the rest of it was in, we decided we were going to replace the deck floor, the steps and the railings. We ordered the wood we needed from Lowe's and had it delivered (best idea ever when you need 16 foot boards and drive a small car.)

Once it arrived, Cody got to work. I can't take any credit here, he busted his butt over a couple days to get this done!

Most of the old deck floorboards did not come up in one piece.

But now that it's done, it looks awesome! We have to let it sit for 30 days before we can stain/seal it and we're not sure what color we're going to go with quite yet but expect to see that shared on my Instagram soon!

Since we're all self isolating, a trip to the store for new decor wasn't in the cards this time! I pulled out my outdoor cushions and my box of summer decor.  Chloe also came to enjoy the sun and see what I was up to. I found this cute cactus pillow stashed away that to I'd actually forgotten about, and the lantern was a dollar store find from a couple years ago. It's got a place inside for a (flameless) candle so it looks really cool at night too!

The glasses were thrifted by my MIL. I love how unique they are! We had a few gorgeous days and I was serious considering making my summer wine smoothies to enjoy out on the deck.

The house also already has a handy hook for a hanging basket already installed too! I haven't had the opportunity to pick out some flowers to go in mine, so in the mean time, this macrame plant hanger I made is a great way to add some dimension to the area.

Meanwhile, Jackie's patio is looking good! I love the boho feel she's got and this space is ready to entertain!

Ashlee gave her front porch a spring refresh and now I'm pondering ideas for my own front door!

Thanks for hanging out! Let me know in the comments how you decorate your outdoor space!


  1. Now, that's what I call 'teamwork'! The deck looks great and think of all the money you saved by 'shopping your house'.

  2. I'm so impressed with your MR! The deck looks so good, I can't wait to see what stain y'all chose. Nice job styling with what you already have- the position we're all in right now. Thanks for being in this little group with me and Ashlee!

    1. He did such a good job on it! Thank you!!

  3. Oh gosh! I'm so glad he's ok! This looks like the perfect place for entertaining this summer!

    1. We're looking forward to drinks on the porch for sure!



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