Springtime means one thing...

Unfortunately, no, this post is not about the start of fruity beverage season (as much as I wish it was). Put the drink umbrellas away, because it's spring cleaning time!

My friends Ashlee and Jackie and I are back for another blog hop!

 Living through a renovation brings its own set of challenges, primarily that unpacking and organizing have been low priority. And our pantry looked like this:

Not the scariest ever, but I definitely felt like I was running out of room to put things in there and with a decently sized pantry, that didn't seem logical.

Organization without spending a lot was the goal here. I got these stacking, sealed bins off Amazon. They came with chalkboard labels and a washable pen so the labels can be re-labeled if needed! I also picked up a folding, expandable shelf from Walmart's organization section. In a perfect world I'd love to reconfigure the shelves and add more, but the extra folding shelf buys me some extra space

I pulled everything out of the pantry, double checked that nothing expired was sitting in there and cleaned the shelves

Bins got filled up and stacked in, and then everything else found a place

I may not be on the level of some of the pantries on Instagram, but man this made a huge difference in functionality and storage space for us and was a quick project to take care of.

I've also made a couple other easy organizational updates in the kitchen. Last time I went to TJ Maxx (pre-pandemic...remember TJ Maxx? I can't wait to go wander the aisles again!) I found a cabinet spice shelf for under $5 - a total steal in my book

And lastly I got under the sink. Everyone's least favorite place, right? It was a little scary under there but I finally got around to pulling up the old contact paper. I put new cabinet liner down and used a bin I already had to help organize some of the random stuff that ends up under the sink

Welcome to adulthood, when spring cleaning and organizing your kitchen is done voluntarily?

Ashlee made us a list of some of the best Amazon finds for organization - I'm all about this! My master closet is definitely next on the list of things that need a makeover. Check out her post right here!

Jackie is also showing her organizational skills! She's showing us how the 5S system works which is pretty nifty! You can check out her post right here

Got any big spring cleaning projects that you're working on? I'd love to hear about them!

Thanks for hanging out with me!


  1. Look good Liz! I like those sealed containers- may have to check them out for myself. Thanks for hopping with me sweet friend.

    1. Thanks Jackie! I might need some more- they make such a difference in keeping the pantry organized!

  2. I love those containers you found for the pantry! You were a busy bee organizing! Can you come over and organize my house now?! ;)



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