Master Bedroom Refresh Mood Board

I've been browsing Pinterest an awful lot lately (quarantine problems) and noticing more and more than my pins are drifting towards jewel toned and more moody colors. We recently acquired a dresser that needs an update and that little project has inspired a master bedroom refresh!

 I created this mood board to put all my inspiration together

One thing we're keeping in mind with this refresh is that we really, really want to get a king size bed. Hubs and I adore our mattress, it's the comfiest ever but our bed is currently a queen size, and it's truly astonishing how much space two ten pound dogs can take up when they want to come snuggle with us in bed. A king size bed is definitely on the wish list but probably not happening right away!

In the mean time, I'll definitely be looking for ways to make small changes that fit the style I'm eventually trying to get the master bedroom to. 

And since you're probably not all here just to listen to me complain about our dogs taking up all the bed space, here's the source list for the mood board above:

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I'd love to hear what you think in the comments!

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