Cozy Bedroom Refresh

 Hey guys! My friends and I are back for another blog hop! Now that (most of us) have taken down the Christmas trees and have some empty spaces to fill, we're sharing some ideas to incorporate cozy textures into our homes for winter!

I've been moving along with our master bedroom refresh (you can see the mood board right here) Even here in Florida it's been a little chilly at night, so there's no better time than now to have a cozy bedroom!

The show stopper of our bedroom is this dresser I refinished last summer! The color is Valspar Midnight Bayou and it's so pretty! I'm definitely looking for ways to incorporate this color more into our home

One way I like to add cozy vibes to a room is with soft lights and a yummy smelling diffuser blend! The lamp was a Ross find that matches the dresser color almost perfectly. I couldn't pass it up and it's such a cool little light in the evening

In Target, I got lucky again and found curtains that are a near match for the dresser. I love the crinkly texture of these curtains too! The boho pouf is a favorite spot for Chloe to sit and look out the window

The chair in the corner is rarely empty (we find it becomes a catch-all for random stuff more often than not) but hey, at least it serves a purpose!

I was very excited to snag this bed I had on my Amazon wishlist on sale for Black Friday this year. The bedside lamps are Target clearance finds ($10 a piece) and I love how they tie in with the gold handles on the dresser. Owls are my favorite animal (besides dogs of course!) and this owl basket holds extra fuzzy blankets because I am perpetually cold

I love the warmth the wood tones and gold accents brings! I have some canvases with art I don't love anymore, I want to upcycle using the same color as the dresser to tie the room together some more. Stay tuned for that project!

This month, Jackie is walking us through the basics of Hygge decorating. I definitely love the Hygge home posts I see on Pinterest, and am excited for the knowledge she has to share!

Ashlee is showing her cozy winter decor and I am loving her twinkle lights!

Jessica just updated her living room, and that basket wall is what dreams are made of!

Drop me a comment and let me know how you like to cozy up for winter!


  1. Oh my that gorgeous teal color! I can see how you are drawn to it- so yummy!!! I love all of your little accents- the pouf, the lamps, and the owl basket. He is too cool. Thanks for hopping with me- XO Jackie

    1. Thanks Jackie! I'm pretty obsessed with the owl basket too!

  2. I love all your cozy touches! Your curtains and dresser light match your dresser perfectly!

    1. Thank you! I was so thrilled that I found things to match!

  3. Love the new look and the owl basket is fantastic!



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