The 6 Month Bathroom Renovation

 In total transparency, this bathroom reno wasn't supposed to take anywhere near 6 months, but hey, life happens.

I teamed up with my blogging friends and we're sharing what we accomplished in May - around here, that's *finally* this bathroom!

We moved into our new home in December 2020, and decided that our guest bathroom needed to be the first update since it's the public bathroom, and the one that connects with the pool (thinking ahead to summer!) Plus, when you see the 90s linoleum it had, you'll understand why it needed to go

Without further ado, the before photos:

First thing we did was remove the over the toilet cabinet, and mirror. The adhesive from the mirror left behind some serious wall damage, unfortunately.

(Pro tip: use wooden shims to help get the mirror off the wall)

And then we found out that the towel racks were ones designed for tiled walls and left massive holes in the walls when they came out. Had to work on my drywalling skills for project!

The vanity and toilet came out next

Last but not least, the 90s linoleum came out. We painted the walls with Valspar Stormy Cove and then it was on to floors.

I wanted to try these gorgeous peel and stick tiles from Stainmaster.

This was a mistake.

The vinyl tiles were pretty, I chose them because I figured they were pretty simple to install, and didn't requite a tile saw, just some patience and a box cutter. These vinyl tiles can also be grouted so they look less like peel and stick and more like actual tiles. Leave me a comment if you want a blog post dedicated to everything that went wrong with the tiles - but the short version is that not all of them adhered to the floor properly. Since this bathroom will get all the traffic from the pool, we made the tough decision to rip them out and start over with porcelain tile

Unfortunately this also meant I spent *DAYS* scraping adhesive off the concrete subfloor. It was not fun, but finally, we started tiling. We even found a porcelain tile in the same shape and color as the vinyl ones we originally selected, though, to be honest, for our first attempt at ever tiling anything, maybe choosing hexagon tiles over square or rectangular wasn't our best idea. What can I say, we apparently like a challenge. We did end up finding a tile saw (on sale! It was going to cost the same to rent one as buy it, so we figured what the heck. Now we have it for future projects) and I used it without losing any fingers (lol - my husband keeps telling me that it's impossible to lose a finger from a tile saw)

After the flooring debacle finally ended, we installed new lighting, baseboards, toilet and vanity, swapped the tub/shower fixtures for black ones and it was like whole new bathroom in there! Here's what it looks like now:

There are some things we want to finish out and maybe change. We still want to install shelves over the toilet, and I'm not 100% sure that the mirror is the right choice because of how far it sticks out over the faucet, but we're so happy to have a functioning bathroom again!

Let's hop on over and see what Jackie and Ashlee accomplished this month

Ashlee is sharing an update on their infertility journey - I just love that she's speaking up about something that's not talked about enough 

Jackie is sharing about all her plants! (Spoiler, she has lots and they're awesome!)

Your turn - what did you accomplish in May?

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