How To Style A Corner Shelf For $10!

It all started on Amazon...but doesn't it always? I was trying to find a way for guests to have a place put phones, keys or other small items in what was a pretty tight space in the guest bedroom. I stumbled across corner shelves and I was so excited! That was my solution...and then we moved to our new house where I didn't have quite as tight of a space to decorate. My mind kept drifting back to corner shelves though, so it clearly it was meant to be!

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The link is here for the one I picked out (or you can click the image below)

My shelf arrived from Amazon and was pretty easy to put together (just had to pay close attention to the letter stickers on each piece!)

I do have to warn you, this shelf is a 2 person job to hang! Luckily the Mr. was around to help me out, and we got it hung with no problems

Since it's in a guest bedroom I didn't want to spend a lot to decorate my cute little shelf. Off I went to my local 99 Cents Only store, and luckily pineapples are very trendy right now! I picked up all of these items for just under $10, and I'm impressed with the quality. The succulents are even in glass containers which I certainly wasn't expecting!

Ready for the final product? Ta-da!

I put one of the succulents in the cement planter (and since they're fake I don't have to worry about forgetting to water them!) I adore the little pineapple dish for trinkets, and one of the shelves can easily be cleared to hold phones, glasses, or other items.

Tell me in the comments, what's your best dollar store find?

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  1. Perfect! I just love the pineapple trinket dish. My best dollar store find?...probably the napkins I used to decoupage dresser drawers.

    1. Those dressers are one of my favorite projects of yours yet! They're a new level of creativity!



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