Guest Bathroom Mood Board & Sources

If you've been following along with me on Instagram, you've seen that we recently relocated to Florida for my husbands job, and bought a house! We're super excited to make this house ours, and we decided that our first project is going to be our guest bathroom!

The guest bathroom currently features some really spectacular 90s linoleum floors and blue counter tops...we're definitely excited for the update. Without further ado, here's the mood board and sources I pulled together!

Vanity light fixture | Mirror | Faucet | Vanity | Flooring | Shower fixtures | Shower curtain

We chose to start with our guest bathroom because it's the only guest bathroom that we have and we'd like for it to be pretty and updated. Our master bathroom has the same fabulous 90s linoleum and needs an overhaul but we're certain it's going to be a larger project - so why not give ourselves a nice bathroom to use in the mean time? Plus the guest bathroom is going to be a less expensive project.

The shower curtain is one I already had and wanted to continue to use. The floors we chose are groutable vinyl tiles! I figured that they would be easy enough for me to install on my own and without a tile saw. The paint color is Benjamin Moore Chiswell Blue. We're excited to bring this to life!

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