DIY Wine Cork Flag

All right my friends, it's time to break out all those wine corks that you've been "saving for a project." Today I've got a quick and easy DIY just in time for the 4th of July that will use them up!

My friends Jackie, Ashlee and I are back with another blog hop, and this month we're welcoming Shanna of Our Military Home Front to the group!

This American flag project ended up being free.99 for me to complete, but even if you did need supplies it would be a fairly inexpensive project. I used corks that I've been collecting, red white and blue acrylic paint, some wood stars I had left over from another project, a hot glue gun and a shipping box. 

First thing is to figure out the size flag you want. I decided on a smaller flag that I could use on a tray or a shelf as decor and messed with the corks until I had dimensions I liked. I used a piece of cardboard from a shipping box as my backing, so I cut that to fit the size I needed and started gluing. 

Next step is paint! Again, taking a minute to figure out your dimensions first makes this much easier - I was able to visualize the blue square and make sure it was fairly proportional to the rest of the flag.
I like how the paint is a little transparent on the cork and you can see them through it! I did end up doing 2 coats of white paint, but only one coat of red and blue. 

I had these wood stars leftover from another project but if you didn't want to buy something similar, you can absolutely paint little stars on to the corks instead

All in all, this project is super quick and fun, and now I have a cute little addition to my decor ready to go for the 4th of July! We're prepping to do the floors in the Rental Ranch so all my decor is getting packed up for a little bit but I'll definitely be getting this back out for the 4th!

Now let's check out what the other ladies are up to!

First up, we have Shanna from Our Military Home Front joining the group (you can visit her blog here, and instagram here) and we're super excited to have her here! Her Instagram is filled with the dreams of every chippy white paint lover, and pops of green that have me oohing and aahing! She made this beautiful rag flag to share for this months project!

Ashlee from Sweet Southern Oaks is showing us how to spruce up some dollar store chargers! These are awesome for Memorial Day or the 4th of July!

Jackie over at Jackie Can't Blog made a really nifty ribbon flag! I'm loving those glitter stars!

I hope you're feeling inspired to create something red white and blue! Drop me a comment and tell me what you're making!


  1. This such a cute and creative idea, Liz! I love when you can repurpose something and use it in decor! Happy 4th!

  2. This is so super cute! I love that you used what you had and made it work! Thanks so much for blog hopping with me. I am always so amazed at what we each come up with!

    1. Me too! We have some super cute ideas this month!

  3. I love the creativity here. I may need to ask my neighbors to save me some corks. Thank you for having me join y’all in this fun inexpensive DIY.

    1. Thanks for joining us! I love your rag flag!



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