DIY Macrame Mandala

What's up guys? My friends Jackie and Ashlee and I are back and showing off our latest DIYs!

I've been pinning a bunch of really nifty macrame projects, and for this post I decided to give a macrame mandala a try!

There's a bunch of pretty cool looking ones out there, but as a beginner macrame-r I wanted to keep this one simple. (check out my first ever macrame project - this super cute plant hanger!)

I had an embroidery hoop leftover from another project that I decided to use as my base. The other supplies needed are a good, sharp pair of scissors and macrame cord. Wine optional, but recommended!

I looked over a few tutorials to figure out how I wanted to do mine and landed on a simple mandala using square and half hitch knots

Start by cutting 8 pieces of macrame cord at 24 inches each and wrapping them around the embroidery hoop

Then, begin a square knot using the 3-6 strands from the left

Tie 2 more square notes with the middle and right hand strands

Next, using strands 5-8 from the left, tie another square knot. The rows will begin to resemble a pyramid

Tie one last square not using the middle 4 strands

Next is apparently where I forgot to take picture. Tie half hitch knots down the left and right sides of your pyramid. This video is a great tutorial on how to do it!

Continue this same pattern all the way around your embroidery hoop. I ended up with 7 pyramids. Next, snip all of your excess cords from the mandala

I used a dog brush that my dogs don't particularly like to brush out the ends of the strings

Don't be afraid to brush it pretty forcefully - I realized early on that without some force behind it it was going to take me forever to make it fluffy

The last step I took was to take a sharp pair of scissors and clean up the ends that were uneven. I opted to use my new mandala to decorate my diffuser, but you could also hang this on the wall or use it for a table centerpiece!

Now, on to what Jackie and Ashlee are up to!

Jackie gave this pitcher a total makeover - trust me, you'll never believe what it looked like when she started!

Ashlee is gearing up for fall and I'm already loving her color palette! Check out these candlesticks that she upcycled!

Thanks for hanging out! Let me know in the comments if you've tried your hand at a macrame project!


  1. How clever and perfect for the diffuser! Love it!

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy I finally made one!

  2. This is super cute! I have been thinking of making one for my dining table- now I have some good creative inspiration! Thanks Liz



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